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New Life Landscape & Design is committed to providing the best in customer service. We offer professional and friendly assistance to our customers for all their lawn care and landscaping needs.

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Services New Life Landscape & Design provides

By presenting our services in this monthly schedule, we hope that you will be better prepared to plan your landscape, design and maintenance needs.  We would also like to remind our customers that although the following services are listed under particular months, they are available at any time during the season.

If at anytime, while you are browsing through this list you have a question related to any of our services don’t hesitate to call us at 973-809-5678

Here are some of our Monthly Services:

March and April

:  We will prepare your property for the upcoming summer season with our New-Life spring cleanup.  This service includes blowing out the planting beds, thatching the entire lawn, edging sidewalks and outer curbs, first lawn mowing, trimming and blowing walkways and driveways.

  • Now is the time to remove those dead, damaged, overgrown and unsightly shrubs and replace them with new healthy ones.
  • Plant a variety of assorted shrubs and perennials to spruce up your existing landscape that will produce colorful flowers and foliage change all year long …or add a few accent shrubs to add character.
  • Add a row of shrubs to create privacy or a sound barrier.
  • Add plantings for fragrance and a natural eye catching curb appeal, such as lilacs, roses, hyacinths, butterfly bushes and azaleas.

Mother’s Day Azalea Special: Azaleas planted in April will bring May flowers in variety of colors (white, pink, red, fucsia, ect.)

LAWN MAINTENANCE:  We will provide weekly lawn maintenance throughout the entire season (April to November).  Service includes:

  • Lawn Care Services (includes grass cutting, collecting clippings and removal of clippings from property)
  • Pet friendly organic fertilizing
  • Edging planting beds, walkways and curbing
  • Blowing off your property leaving a neat and professional manicured look

LANDSCAPING:  Add a new planting bed to your property, renovate your existing landscape, install new shrubs and trees, or design an entirely new landscape for your property.

MULCH:  Install a new layer of mulch in your planting beds to help retain moisture, keep down unsightly weeds and beautify your property.

RAILROAD TIES:  Replace decayed or damaged railroad ties, install new planters, retaining walls or borders with railroad ties.

May and June

SUMMER ANNUALS:  Line your planting beds with beautiful color that will last all summer long.  Choose marigolds, impatiens, petunias, geraniums or any annual of your choice!  We will complete any size planting arrangement by your own blue-print or a New-Life Landscape Design!

TRIMMING AND PRUNING SERVICE:  All shrubs and ornamental trees shall be shaped and pruned at the customer’s request with the spring cleanup or mid-summer.

MULCH/STONE:  All mulch and stone work available during these months.  Ask about our wide selection of mulch and decorative stone.



DECKS:  Repair loose and rotted boards or brighten your deck to its original wood color.  Paint, stain or seal your deck with water seal to ensure a longer and brighter deck life.

NIGHTSCAPING:  Add accent or night lighting to your deck or any part of your landscape for night time entertaining or simply light up walkways for safety.


MASONARY:  Install new planters or retaining walls using brick or stone.  Line your driveway with Belgian blocks.  Complete all burgundy stone, beach stone, gravel or quarry stone around your property.

WATERSCAPE:  Give aquatic dimension to your landscape with a fountain or fish pond added to your property’s layout.  This feature will provide you with a calming, relaxing and enjoyable environment.


POWERWASHING:  Add New-Life by a thorough cleaning of your house, weathered deck, fences, gates, patios, driveways, walkways, steps or shed.


DRIVEWAYS: Repair all cracks, potholes and seal your driveway with an attractive black seal to avoid the damaging effects of the oncoming winter.

LAWN SERVICE:  This is the month to “overseed” your lawn for the best results.

EARLY FALL PLANTINGS: This is the month to plant mums!

POWER WASHING:  Add New-Life by a thorough cleaning of your house, weathered deck, fences, gates, patios, driveways, walkways, steps or shed.


FALL PLANTING:  Now is the time to take advantage of the garden center’s clearance sales!  Enhance your landscape with a new planting bed to your property’s layout or just a feature a new plant or tree in existing beds.  How about renovating your entire landscape?  Plant bulbs for next season now!

LEAF CLEANUP SERVICE:  By mid-October grass growth slows down and leaves start falling.  New-Life Landscape & Design continues to service your property and provides an additional leaf removal service.  We stay as long as it takes to remove all the leaves from the lawn and street areas.  The final service of the season includes a thorough cleaning out of the leaves from all planting beds.

November and December

LEAF CLEANUP SEASON:  No additional work is scheduled during this season other than gutter cleaning and final leaf cleanup service.

January, February and March

SNOW REMOVAL: Add your name to our list for snow plowing service.  Register for priority lawn maintenance and special monthly services in the upcoming year.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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“New-Life Landscape & Design has been providing me with superior landscaping services for a few years now and I couldnt be more pleased.  The quality of the workmanship and affordability have made me a regular happy customer.  New-Life is reliable and – in today’s difficult economy – he’s the quality I want at a price I can afford!  Thanks, Chris!!” Ellen, Ringwood, NJ

“We are writing to express how pleased we  have been with the landscaping service provided by New~Life Landscape & Design.   The work that has been done for us has included brush removal, lawn clean-up, landscaping, mulching and on-going maintenance.  The crews showed up on time, worked hard and completed all jobs with attention to detail.   We have been pleased not only with the top quality work provided but the price charged was very fair.   We are happy to speak with anyone to share our experience.” Kim and Jim, Pompton Plains, NJ

“I want to say Thank You to Chris and his crew for transforming our property!  The project was professionally handled from beginning to end and the results have exceeded our expectations.  I will be recommending New-Life Landscape and Design to all my neighbors!  Thanks again!” Joe, Pompton Lakes, NJ

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